Dre 3

What would you do if 105.1 the Block came to your job?! Once a week I Drops In on a lucky listener at their job or school with some treats from the Block truck!

This week, I Dropped In on Iesha at the Hardee's on Highway 43 in Northport! After spending some time having fun with Iesha, and talking about all the prizes she wants to win, I ended up meeting her co-workers and even gave them some free 105.1 The Block Shirts! Iesha got a few extra prizes for nominating her job of course!

I'll definitely be back to see the crew at Hardee's they welcomed me in and were so much fun. I could've stayed there with them for hours!

To nominate your job, school or event for DreDay's Drop Ins, CLICK HERE. You never know, I could Drop In on you next week!

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