DreDay Interviews Viral Tik Tok Artist Oh Boy Prince

Have you been on Tik Tok lately? Chances are you've seen or even danced to the song Round Rock by Oh Boy Prince.

So today was so exciting because I got a chance to interview someone who I can call a new homie. He has a new viral song out that's taking over Tik Tok. His name is Oh Boy Prince.

Prince is no stranger to the music industry. He was once part of a major group called the GS Boyz who released a monster dance song back in 2008 that was all over the charts. Do you remember the Stanky leg?! That was the song.

Today I got to catch up with Oh Boy Prince as we discussed life after being with the GS Boyz and his new single. The single is all over Tik Tok and when I spoke with him, he talked about how it wasn't a fluke. He knew of songs taking off and even mentioned seeing K Camp's Lottery do well on the app and new he could do it too!


I loved how down to earth he was during our interview. He even took the time to give advice to upcoming artists who'd like to reach his level of success and higher. His advice was for artists to "Stay focused. Keep putting out music. Put money into your record. Promote your record and connect with the DJ's." You can tell he's genuine and wants others to succeed in the business as well.

Check out the full interview below!


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