After my first week of parenthood there have been some items that we used constantly. I honestly couldn't imagine having a newborn without these items. Check out my list below.


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Nanobebe Breastfeeding Baby Bottles Starter Set

We're exclusively breastfeeding and this starter set has been so helpful. It mimics the shape of the breast so when you're bottle feeding the baby doesn't get confused. The bottle warmer is awesome too!

4-in-1 Baby Carseat Nursing Cover 

I'd argue this is my favorite item! It's used as a carseat cover to block the sun, rain or cold when going from to and from the car. It's also used as a nursing cover when feeding, stroller cover and more!

Meal Prep Containers

Here's a curveball! These are so helpful because taking care of a newborn is a round the clock job we don't have time to cook meals often. One day, I cooked about 4 meals, dropped them into these containers and froze them so we could conveniently heat them up when needed. It's working out soooooo good, especially for mom!

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

I've learned so much about breast feeding and this simple breast pump has been clutch! I highly recommend this item to any breastfeeding mom!

 Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers

These diapers are so clutch because they have a yellow line on the bottom of them that turns blue when wet that signals your baby needs to be changed. It's convenient and accurate!

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