It's no secret that the University of Alabama will miss the College Football Playoffs this year. Crimson Tide fans are really going through it and coming to that realization.

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I recall football enthusiasts everywhere coming up with scenarios on what it would take for Alabama to get into the playoffs with 2 losses on the season.

A big part of one of those scenarios was TCU taking a loss in the Big 12 Championship game against Kansas State. I wouldn't consider myself the biggest fan of college football but I began to pay attention to the playoff picture.

Watching that game, I was definitely on edge because it was a back-and-forth game when I tuned in.

The Wildcats of Kansas State took down TCU with a field goal in overtime.

At that moment I just knew Alabama would get the slot in the CFP.


The day came when the CPF playoff picture would be set with the new rankings after the TCU loss.

It did not go the way Tide fans envisioned.

A few weeks after, it's been announced that Alabama would play Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl Tide fans aren't completely happy but we're ready for the upcoming bowl game.

Personally, after bragging online to all of my friends and seeing TCU lose, I just knew Alabama would be in the CFP. and was devastated when I saw we weren't.

Just as I started to accept the fact and get over not being in the CFP, I came across this clip.

I think Shannon Sharpe made very valid points but the video opened up the wound.

I do think the Tide dropped the ball a few times this season but with the points made in the video above, I think we should be in the CFP.

Am I the only one who's still a little bit sensitive about not making the CFP?

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