It seemed like the “in” dog when I was growing up was a German Sheppard. Duke was a beautiful dog. He was extremely loyal and overprotective of me. I don’t know why; I tried to stuff him in my toy chest as a kid. I thought he was a toy. No worries, he was in there for 30 seconds, and I got a lecture from my mother that still makes me shiver in fear.

Last week, we let you know that the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is hosting a special June adoption series. These adoption deals promote a small fee of $10. If you are looking to add a cat or dog to your family, consider adopting first. With these June specials, now would be a good time. Click here for the daily themes.

The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, a non-profit group whose main goal is to find permanent and loving homes for their animals from animal control and residents. They are funded by the “City of Tuscaloosa, City of Northport, and Tuscaloosa County Commission.”

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Another way you can help out is to join the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter for the Foosackly’s for Percentage Night. That sounds delicious. (Save the Date) On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, check out Foosackly's on 15th Street from 5 pm-8 pm. They will be “donating 10% of all purchases to the shelter.” Also, the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter “will have t-shirts, collars, hats, hoodies available for purchase.” Click here for the Facebook Event Page.

(Source) Click here to get more information about the great work done at the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. Click here for the Facebook Event Page.

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