Free Budgeting Class For Alabama Residents 

As I've learned in recent years, budgeting is a key component of maintaining your finances. Alabamians can learn how to budget with this online class.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021, at 5, InvestEd will host an online budgeting class for free. According to their event Facebook page, you can expect to learn:

- How to track your spending.
- How to determine what matters most to you. (Hint: Just take a look at where your money is going.)
- How to create a personalized budget that you actually want to follow.
- How to save for your future life goals through budgeting.

Do you utilize the auto-pay option? I recall a Twitter debate about using auto-pay recently. I saw someone say they can't use it. I forget their reasoning but I don't see how you can't use auto-pay. It's the simplest thing ever!

At first, I didn't use it. As I grew older and had to pay more and more bills, it became my friend. Now I have a love/hate relationship with auto-pay. It's because I start to forget what bills are on auto-pay, and getting a new debit or credit card is hectic with it. Have you ever wondered why that bill was 2 months late? All because you got a new card and forgot to add it to your auto-pay account. SMH

A buddy I went to college with suggested that I pay more close attention to those auto-pay bills. he let me know it's too easy to lose track of spending if you're not careful.

Alabamians have a chance to learn about tracking spending, creating budgets, and more in this free online budgeting class.

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If you'd like to join this class, you can click here to get tickets. If you'd like to learn more about this event, visit their Facebook event page. 

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