When it comes to home games there is nothing like the excitement of going out of town to other colleges to watch the games especially here in Tuscaloosa. When it comes to tailgate parties here, they are amazing and awesome. 

The tailgating happens on the Quad where we have a lot of space, and we get great reception for the games. Word of advice: get there early because there are tons of people that try and get a great spot.

When you go near the quad, we have all types of food trucks and games that you can play with your family and friends. Food trucks we have are Full Moon Bar-B-Que, Urban Cookhouse, and Juice Truck. 

We even have the best places to get a drink on game days. Avenue Pub, World of Beer, and Loosa Brews are the best places to get a beer and hang out. Houndstooth Sports Bar is also a suitable place to relax and chill after a big game. 

Enjoy the great fall weather, bourbon and a cigar on the porch at R&R Cigars in the historic Maxwell House in downtown Tuscaloosa. Want to enjoy the R&R feel without going downtown? There's even a location in Northport.

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Also, if you are looking to go to an afterparty, we have some of the most fun. However, those kinds of places have the most expensive prices to get in. Rounders charges $20 for students, but if you are from out of town, it is $40 for you.

If you walk by the Strip, you will also see some Fraternity Parties that have the craziest parties like what you see in the movies. They have beer cans everywhere, vomiting on the sides, and a lot of laughs after a win.

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