The Primary Runoff Election is getting closer by the day. We want to make sure as many Alabamians are registered to vote as possible and the Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill does too!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 10 am-Noon the office of the Secretary of State will hold a mobile voter registration drive and will also allow individuals to update their voter information. The location is the Farmer's Market on 100 Front St. in Uniontown, Al 36786. Free photo voter ID's will be available at this event. There are certain things you'd need to qualify for a free photo voter ID.

To qualify for a Free Photo Voter ID:
o Must be a Registered Voter in Alabama at current address
o Must NOT already possess a valid photo identification acceptable for voting o Must provide identification such as:

  •   Non-valid Photo ID (expired license, student or employee ID, etc.) (The following must contain full legal name and date of birth.)
  •   Birth Certificate
  •   Marriage Record
  •   Medicare or Medicaid Document
  •   Military Record
  •   Official School Record or Transcript
  •   Social Security Administration Document
  •   State or Federal Census Record
  •   Hospital or Nursing Home Record
  •   Certificate of Citizenship


Let's make sure we're registered to vote here in Alabama. The state is doing what they can do to help us out, now lets spread the word. You can also check our sites for information on how to apply for an absentee ballot. If you're worried about COVID-19 at the polls, cast your vote without having to hit the polls.


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