Going Through Homecoming Withdrawals 

This weekend was supposed to be my college homecoming weekend. I'm having withdrawals and it's killing me.

I graduated from Bethune-Cookman University, and this weekend was our scheduled homecoming weekend. With COVID-19, our school's conference cancelled the fall season and with that cancellation came our homecoming.

I actually worked at Bethune-Cookman University for 6 years after graduation. It was a weird space to be in because I had a lot of different things happening at once. I was now instructing students that were my friends just months before graduation. I was also sitting in meeting with my previous professors as their equal. To top it all off, I was now the premier DJ for our homecoming. Whew!

I felt like I couldn't really enjoy homecoming even as the DJ since it was also my place of employment. Drinking, partying, and going wild for a weekend with the same students that I teach just felt weird to me. Last year I finally felt what it meant to truly enjoy homecoming since I moved to Alabama and actually had to come back to Florida. After last year, I was looking forward to this year's homecoming.

COVID-19 ruined that and I'm in Alabama looking at old pictures and videos getting sad. Is it just me? Am I the only one really going though homecoming withdrawals due to COVID-19?

I know that next year we're all going to go extra hard for homecoming since we missed 2020 homecoming. I'm drinking water now and preparing my body for the mayhem of 2021. I hope Florida is ready!

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