Gucci Mane is becoming known for giving upcoming artists a chance in the music industry.

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Gucci Mane
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In recent years, Gucci has made headlines by signing bubbling talent to his 1017 record label.

Back in 2020, it was announced that Gucci Mane signed the upcoming artist Pooh Shiesty out of Memphis, Tennessee.

A year later, the rising star was selected for the XXL 2021 Freshman Class.


Gucci Mane, who many suspected was from Atlanta, is actually from Bessemer, Alabama, and recently returned home to sign a new upcoming artist making noise in the state.

I can recall many nights spinning music in the Alabama nightlife scene and hearing requests for someone I'd never heard of.

Being from Florida, we've never heard of this person.

I'll never forget getting my first haircut at a barbershop not far from Central High School and asking what was going on in the city that night.

It was a Friday night and I just knew something was happening.

Just on my second day in the state, I asked the barber, "What's going on in the city tonight?"

He replied, "Cinco got a party going on."

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I had NO IDEA who he was talking about but I soon found out.

TLE Cinco was one of the most requested artists of my first few years in Alabama as a DJ. His song "Check Dis" is pretty much a classic in Alabama in my eyes.

TLE Cinco is now the newest artist signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 label and just like Gucci Mane, he's a Bessemer native.

Gucci Mane recently returned to his Grandfather's Bessemer home to reflect after signing the young star.

Congratulations to TLE Cinco on being signed and representing Alabama.

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