For most band members, the thought of being involved in any big time college matchup is a dream come true. A select few young men and women each year get to march on the biggest stages in College Football. The thought of marching with a family member on the field is also a rare occurrence, but it happens now and again.

But what about when family is split into different performing groups? Such as two brothers in the Cincinnati and Alabama bands?

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That's what is exactly happening in the Cotton Bowl this week, and both brothers will be taking the field to perform, but instead of taking the field together, they'll be performing opposite each other.

Christopher Moorhouse marches for the Million Dollar Band. Noah Moorhouse on the other proverbial side of the field, marches for the University of Cincinnati Marching Band. They both play the Alto Saxophone.

According to WCPO in Cincinnati, this thought was brought up at the beginning of year, with mother Micheline Moorhouse wondering how both of her sons could possibly show up on the field at the same time, albeit in a different form than she expected.

Regardless of the outcome, this special moment will take place during the sixth matchup all-time between the Tide and Bearcats. The last time these two teams met was in 1990. Alabama came away with a 45-7 victory over the Bearcats in Birmingham.

One thing is for sure, both brothers will definitely be trying to outperform one another. And one brother will be moving on to perform in the National Championship.

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