Have You Heard About This Alabama Gem? 

Living in Alabama has made me appreciate day trips a lot. This Alabama gem is more than worthy of a family day trip.

Day trips are becoming my wife and I's favorite thing to do in Alabama. We always come across some great places that we want to share with others. Have you heard about the botanical gardens in Jefferson county?  Not the botanical gardens in Birmingham. I'm talking about the Aldridge Gardens.

Aldridge Gardens is located in Hoover, Alabama, and is approximately 30-acres of beautiful scenery. According to OnlyInyourState, these gardens are home to many great outdoor attractions and have an average of 85,000 to 90,000 people visit each year.

With so much to offer as far as scenery, the Aldridge Gardens has walking trails, art shows, & camps for children. They are even available for outdoor weddings.

As listed n their Facebook page, the gardens have a lot of plants native to Alabama. They even have a signature flower patented by their founder Eddie Aldridge.

Founded by nurseryman Eddie Aldridge, the Gardens feature many varieties of hydrangeas, camellias and other native Alabama plants. The signature flower is the Snowflake Hydrangea patented by Eddie Aldridge and brought to national prominence. Among the walking trail and six-acre lake, visitors find beauty, tranquility and nature and art in balance.

I can't wait to take a trip to these gardens with my family. Could you imagine the pictures?! One of the best things about Aldridge Gardens is that admission is free. Feel free to visit their Facebook page for hours by clicking here.

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