Are you a true crime junkie? Your addiction could pay off--literally--thanks to a new streaming service.

MagellanTV is looking for someone who is willing to watch 24 hours of its original true crime programming. One lucky (or brave?) person is going to be selected to binge 24 hours of straight true-crime docs and get paid $2,400 to do so.

That's $100 an hour to watch TV and share your experience on social media!

MagellanTV is currently accepting applications for those who are interested in the position. This is the second year they've hosted their true crime competition, so what's different in 2021?

They're selecting not one but THREE winners. Each winner will get paid $2,400 to watch 24 hours of true crime programming. You'll also get a year's membership to MagellanTV to watch all the true crime documentaries you can handle.

You can check out the application HERE.

Would you be brave enough to complete this challenge? I'm not lying when I say I've probably watched 24 hours of true crime on my own, so this job was MADE for me. Seriously.

A typical weekend alone finds me streaming any/all true crime docs I can handle. I have even been considering paying for an additional membership to Discovery+ because I've exhausted all the true crime stuff on Netflix, Hulu, and HBOMax.

Are you, too, a true crime fan? Message me using our app chat and let me know. I will ALWAYS welcome any and all true crime recommendations, so feel free to send me a list of your favorite shows and documentaries.

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