Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the numbers and letters are on your Alabama license plate?

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I've always wondered but never really bothered to go dig in to find out.

Well, recently I came across information that is gonna help me get a lot more sleep at night because I won't randomly wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what are those numbers on the back of my license plate really mean.

Are they some untold fortune about where my life is headed?

Are they tracking numbers so that officers in Alabama will always be able to track my every movement?

Do they have little microchips inside of the plates?

I don't know if any of that is true, but I do know the real meaning of some numbers on your Alabama license plate.

I found out that some of the numbers on your Alabama license plate refer to the county of issuance. Basically, the county in that you were issued a license plate has a specific number in the state of Alabama.

I did not know that.

So everyone who had a Tuscaloosa county-issued license plate since the year 1942 has a license plate number that begins with the number 63.

According to Justia, there are two exceptions to that number. Plates issued in 1977 and 1982 may or may not have Tuscaloosa county issue plates beginning with the number 63.

Still haven't figured out the rest of the numbers on the license plate but we started with the first two.

If you want more information on this code, you can check out just Justia.

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