I can now add "Reading my son a book" to my book of firsts. Throughout the week I always watch as Mom reads Nuppy a book from his book collection. He coo's, kicks, smiles and tries to talk as she reads to him. I just knew that when my time came to read to him he'd give me the same reaction. BOY was I wrong!


This past weekend, Mom thought it was the perfect time for me to finally read to Nuppy. I grabbed a book from his collection I thought would be perfect. I even asked his opinion, and as eloquent as a 7 week old baby could, he told me he liked my book choice. The book was "Splat the Cat: Splat and Seymour, Best Friends Forevermore." I figured the festive theme showed on the front cover was a great touch too! 

After reading page 3, Nuppy yawns. I try not to take it personal especially since I'me not hearing any of the coo's and seeing no smiles like Mom received. After page 5 he yawns again, then again after page 6. Now I'm feeling the pressure. As mom laughs at me while holding our son who is clearly bored out of his mind. By page 7 I pretty much accepted the fact that getting Nuppy to even pay attention to me reading this book to him was not going to happen. I pretty much used it as practice for when he finally does pay attention. Lol!


I can admit I'm a little jealous of the smiles and coo's mom gets when she's reading to Nuppy but I'm just glad he never broke out in tears as i read to him. That would've been beyond embarrassing! I am thankful that he has so many books in his collection already that were gifted to Nuppy at our babyshower back in January. Check out footage of Nuppy as we read and play with him on Instagram HERE.


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