We're in the middle of Hurricane season and that means more rain. It seems like Tuscaloosa motorists need a refresher on driving in the rain.

So there's something that I noticed about drivers in West Alabama, specifically Tuscaloosa. Whenever it rains people seem like they just forget how to drive.  Like all of those years after you pass the driving test just doesn't matter, and as soon as a drop of rain touches your windshield, you automatically forget the rules and regulations of driving.

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Since it's hurricane season, we've been getting a lot of rain through West Alabama.  Recently, I've also seen an increase in crashes and road accidents.  Just yesterday I was leaving the studio and passed two accidents on my ride home. Two is not a lot, I just know that these accidents have happened because of the rain.

So here's what I'll do, instead of being upset at the drivers who all of a sudden don't know how to act when they started raining.  Let's go over all of the rules that still apply on the roadways in Tuscaloosa, even when it rains.

Driving Rules that still Apply In The Rain

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