This is something I'm sure a lot of Alabamians would love to see. Imagine if Tuscaloosa had a professional sports team.

If there's one thing I know about people in Alabama, it's that they love their sports. In most places, they love one sport maybe even two. Football is almost a guaranteed sport that people love. If they don't love football, it's probably basketball.

There are other places that love things like Nascar, bull riding, or gymnastics. I found that in Alabama, people just love sports period. Of course, we love the Crimson Tide football team, but other sports get the same amount of love. Softball, track and field, basketball, and gymnastics. I love it!

So now the question becomes, what professional sports team do you think Alabama should have? What sport would it be? Do you think it should be more than one sport?

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Here's another thing I thought about. It's one of the most important things for a great sports team. It's more important than their slogan, or catchphrase. It's something that of course every great team has. That's a great name! What would you name Alabama's professional sports team?

Ok, so I have an idea just hear me out. Who is Alabama's number one icon? I think it goes without saying it's Nick Saban! Imagine a team named after Coach Saban. The year is 2045 and Alabama finally has a professional sports team called the Alabama Sabans. Lol! Remember you heard it here first.

I really would like to know what would you name Alabama's professional sports team?


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