It happened, and thank God it's officially over.

The 2023 College Football National Championship game was a slobber knocker, and completely one-sided leaving many to question if TCU deserved to even be in the game.


At first, I didn't even want to watch the big game, largely because I was feeling a way that Alabama didn't get into the finals.

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As soon as I turned on the game, Georgia had just scored to make it a 31-7 ball game.

Just when I thought UGA would relax and take the game into halftime, a few minutes later they scored again with less than a minute before the half.


When it was all said and done, the Bulldogs ran away with the game scoring a total of 65 points and the Horned Frogs only scored a touchdown in the game.

I was shocked to see Alabama head coach Nick Saban at the game. He wasn't just there as a spectator, he appeared on the College Game Day set during the game.

Even had an awkward moment, thanks to David Pollack.


After watching that awkward moment, it made me wonder......

UGA has gone back-to-back as National Champions these last two years. With such a solid showing, not just this year, but also in 2022 when they defeated the Crimson tide 33-18, could the Bulldogs be onto something great?

More importantly, could this be the start of Kirby Smart's reign as the "new" Nick Saban?

He's spent plenty of time under Saban so it's safe to say he's gotten the winning formula down as if going back-to-back as National Champions wasn't proof enough.

As a head coach, Nick Saban has won almost 300 football games, 7 national Championships, 10 SEC Titles, and countless awards.

Could Kirby Smart one day stack up a resume that could compare or be better?

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