Itching For Some New Ink? It's National Tattoo Day 

National Tattoo Day is here and a lot of people didn't even know it existed. I have to admit neither did I. To me, tattoo day is any day that I feel like getting new ink! Lol! I can admit that lately I've been getting that itch a lot more and this has to be why. The universe was telling me that National Tattoo Day is coming and I should get some new ink very soon.

I have 3 tattoos so far. One big arm piece, a small finger tattoo, and a small wrist one. The question I always get is "Does it hurt to get a tattoo?" I can tell you that to a certain extent it does hurt but it's nothing that is unbearable and to a certain extent, it feels good. Don't judge me, please! It really does feel good when I get my tattoos. the hardest part for me is the 2 days after the work is finished and the healing process begins. The sore skin, applying the ointment, and keeping it moisturized is the biggest pain if you ask me. I wouldn't consider myself an expert in getting tattoos but I have learned over the years what worked best for me while healing. You're told to follow certain rules after getting a tattoo. It's how you care for it to ensure it heals properly and looks it's best as a final product. One of those things is to apply ointment to the tattoo area and I've tried a few ointments. A&D ointment was the first thing I used back in high school when I got my first tattoo. It was highly recommended and did the job. Years later when I expanded my arm piece I was told about Aquaphor. It was supposed to be the best for healing tattoos and speed up healing time. When I tell you it absolutely worked, I mean it. I swear by it with all of my new ink! So for all of you who are ready to get some new ink, try Aquaphor it will definitely heal your new ink the right way.

Since moving to Tuscaloosa, I haven't had a chance to get any new ink because I don't know any of the shops or tattoo artists here. I'd be glad to take your suggestions. Where should I go? Who do I ask for? Let me now on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay. 

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