OK, now I have officially heard it all.

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And, it's only a few hours drive from Alabama.

C'mon man, nothing beats a thick slice of juicy, seasoned, fried turkey.

It is heavenly, when it's fried just right.

Years ago, someone forced a piece of that tofu turkey (Tofurkey they call it) and it was worse than chewing a piece of cardboard.

I love Thanksgiving because of the turkey and all the sides and pies etc.

Well, some folks in Tennessee (yeah, how 'bout them Vols) have opened a gentle farm for cuddling turkeys.

I should clarify that it is not only turkeys that are available for cuddling. Yes, cuddling.

You can also cuddle with a COW!

Here's the video to prove it.


@popsugar 10/10, we definitely recommend hugging a cow at @The Gentle Barn. #CowHugs#FarmLife#CowsOfTikTok#Wellness#MentalHealth#FarmTok#TherapyTok♬ Sia - Xeptemper
*Video from popsugar/tiktok
We made a phone call to the Gentle farm, the place for turkey cuddling.
Here's how that went:
I am very familiar with the use of animals for therapy, and I believe in it.
However, turkeys are not animals that I would want to use for this purpose.
I know a man, who once bought a live turkey at a farmers market, and well, it did not go well.
In fact, you can hear what happened to my friend and his turkey, BELOW.

So, turkeys have a tendency to us that sharp claw to "whip the you-know-what" out of people.

No thanks on the intimate cuddling. Look, I'm a single guy and I understand the need for companionship. I truly do.

I'd just have to draw the line at live turkeys.

Or dead ones for that matter.


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