Fans think Pusha T will now deliver a diss track aimed at both Drake and Jim Jones following Drizzy's lyrical attack on the Utopia song "Meltdown."

Fans on Twitter Think Pusha T Will Diss Drake and Jim Jones on the Same Track

Drake's diss of Pusha T's friend and mentor Pharrell Williams on the Utopia tune "Meltdown" has fans speculating that Pusha T will release a response song aimed at both Drizzy and Capo, who insulted the Virginia rapper and his brother, No Malice, on his diss track "Summer Collection."

"Pusha T about to drop an 8 minute diss record 4 minutes for Drake and 4mins for Jim Jones #SurgicalSumma," wrote one fan.

Another person commented: "I'm a Jim Jones fan...I’m a Drake fan....but if Pusha T comes at them... on the same track... it won't be pretty."

A third user tweeted: "Pusha T bouta unleash hell on Drake and Jim Jones and I can't wait."

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Drake Drags Pharrell Into Pusha T Feud on "Meltdown"

Travis Scott's new album Utopia boasts the much-ballyhooed track "Meltdown," which features Drake dissing Pusha T's friend Pharrell. On the song, Drizzy raps that he melted all of Skateboard P's iced-out jewelry, including a $2.2 million N.E.R.D diamond-encrusted chain, which he purchased at P's auction website, Joopiter. He also added that no one has been wearing Louis Vuitton since the death of LV designer Virgil Abloh.

"Man, f**k all that spinning the narrative s**t/I melt down the chains that I bought from your boss," he spews on the opening verse of "Meltdown." "Give a f**k about all of that heritage s**t/Since V [Virgil] not around the members done hung up the Louis/They not even wearing that s**t," he added.

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Jim Jones Goes After the Thornton Brothers on "Summer Collection" Diss Track

Back in June, Jim Jones responded to Pusha T with his diss track and video called "Summer Collection" for the 4 Shooters Only YouTube channel. On the song, the former Dipset rhymer is spitting lyrical darts at the Thornton brothers (Push and No Malice). The Harlem rhymer called them slaves and called No Malice a crackhead.

"These two roach n***as don't know what to do with no ray/Kanye gave you whips/But that’s what they do to the slaves," he rapped on the song.

Pusha T has been relatively quiet since Drake and Jim Jones released diss tracks aimed at him. However, those who are familiar with King Push's lyrical skills know not to underestimate him.

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