The Alabama Crimson Tide recently pulled off a convincing home win against the LSU Tigers.

In the 42-28 victory over the LSU Tigers, Jalen Milroe set a school record by rushing for 4 touchdowns in a single game.  



Even after a great win and an amazing display of talent on the field, Milroe knows that this is only the beginning.

"I'm excited for this team because we're not a finished product," said Milroe after the game according to CBS Sports.  "We're excited for what's to come."

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I'm starting to think that fans owe Milroe an apology.

Back in week 2, people were certain he WAS NOT the answer for Bama on the field. So much so that he was benched in the following game. He's been improving ever since and it seems like it's starting to come together.

Hilariously, there's an unofficial apology form circulation on social media for people to fill out about Jalen Milroe.

Some options for apologizing on the form include:

  • I only looked at the Texas Game
  • I don't know football
  • I assumed he was a one read QB


I personally thought he just wanted to run the ball, but as history will show, that may not be a bad idea after all.



Shoutout to Jalen Milroe for finding his rhythm and continually improving on the field. I can't wait to see how he plays the rest of the season.

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