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The Junior League of Tuscaloosa is a tremendous asset to the community. Founded in 1929, they have been the lead in confronting many community issues to find solutions. They are known for some great signature events like Capes & Crowns, Tulips & Juleps, Dinner at Your Door, and The Little Black Dress Initiative.

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If you “want to develop your leadership skills, do good, make friends while making a difference, be inspired, and change your community and the world,” then becoming a member might be just for you. They are hosting a virtual membership interest meeting on Monday, March 29th at 5:30 pm. To attend the membership interest meeting, you will need to email admissions@jltuscaloosa.org for the meeting link and password.


Last week, the Junior League of Tuscaloosa raised $5,421 with their Little Black Dress Initiative. These funds were to help support Holt Elementary School. They noted on Facebook that it is “enough to buy monthly books for kindergarteners and 5th graders, purchase PE equipment needs, and more!”

I am quite impressed with their stance on awareness of human trafficking. The Junior League of Tuscaloosa hosted various informational sessions to help create attention to this matter. The statistics on human trafficking are alarming.

If you love working within and for the community, the Junior League of Tuscaloosa might be a great fit for you. The added bonus is increasing your skillset while meeting new people. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

(Source) Click here for more about the Junior League of Tuscaloosa. Click here for information about the virtual membership informational.

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