Yes, that's what you read, KFC has a new donut chicken sandwich sold at dozens of stores here in the U.S.


Personally, KFC got a huge warning in my book when they started selling Cheetos chicken sandwiches. I first seen the commercial and thought it was a joke! It just felt so fake and laughable that no restaurant would try it. Sure enough, it was a real thing.



Now, according to Business Insider KFC has started selling donut chicken sandwiches at more than 40 locations in  Norfolk & Richmond Virginia, and in Pittsburg. Their "Chicken and Donuts" hit stores on Tuesday for a limited time, offering bone in or chicken tenders with one or two donuts and an option of a chicken fillet in between two glazed donuts.


It seems KFC likes to try new things with their menu, from Cheetos sandwiches, to chicken and donuts and even meatless chicken. Last month KFC partnered with Beyond Meat and sold vegan fried chicken at a location in Atlanta and even sold out!


Customers have been rushing to stores to try KFC's new donut and chicken combination.



Would you try KFC's new product?

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