If there is one thing I've learned about Tuscaloosa, it's that there a plenty of places around town with the most enormous potholes I've ever seen.

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There are a few places in Tuscaloosa that are notorious for having the largest potholes known to man.

The first place I can think of is the old McFarland Mall lot where the Dollar Tree is located. The absolute worst parking lot in Tuscaloosa if you ask me.

Mary K, Townsquare Media

It has been years and those potholes are a long way from being fixed. I've honestly given up hope that they'll ever be fixed.

There is another parking lot in Tuscaloosa that many didn't believe would ever receive any attention.

I can't even call these potholes anymore. They're certified craters. It's amazing that people have successfully maneuvered through this parking lot.


The Laundry Nook on Skyland has had some of the worst potholes I've seen in the city.

Facebook, Cassius Lanier, Tuscaloosa City Council - District 7
Facebook, Cassius Lanier, Tuscaloosa City Council - District 7

Could you imagine having to drive through this entrance?  


Thanks to work from District 7 Councilman Cassius Lanier, the entrance to the business has been repaired. No more craters!

In a post on Facebook, Lanier says, "A few weeks ago I posted these pics of potholes at the entrance of a business in my district. Well here are the new pics WITH RESULTS......If you see potholes anywhere in District 7 let me know or call 311!!!"


It's great to see these improvements happening around Tuscaloosa. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress in the city.

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