Lil Bam Talks Lil Baby Feature, Clears Up Beef Rumors and More

One of the hottest artists out of Alabama right now is no doubt Lil Bam. He sat down with DreDay for a great conversation about his career, rumors, and features.

I remember when I first moved to Alabama, and people would ask me to play an artist named Lil Bam. Being from Florida, I had no idea who that was. They'd always ask for a song called Julio. Fast forward a year later and I know all about him.

If for whatever reason, you're not familiar with Lil Bam, let me catch you up.

Lil Bam's Career Stats

  • Over 28M+ Career Streams
  • Over 4.5M+ Streams on "Hot Boy"
  • "Hot Boy" #15 on iTunes Hip Hop Charts
  • "Hot Boy" #25 Shazam (Birmingham, AL)
  • 125K+ Spotify Monthly Listeners
  • 122K+ Instagram Followers

During our interview, I got to know a lot more about Lil Bam than most people who were fans knew. He talked about exactly how his feature with Lil Baby came about and his personal life. One of the major things we discussed was rumors and things that rubbed him the wrong way within the industry.

Lil Bam has a feature with Florida native Rick Ross and spoke on how he's grateful for the future but there was a bad taste left in his mouth from the situation.

"I feel like that song, that video would be doing much better if bruh would've posted it. I ain't in my feelings cause I know it's just business. But I know just posting it would've made the situation a whole lot better."

I love how he stressed that he has no beef with any artist. He understands the music business and gives back to the community with his event "Donsgiving day."

Check out the full interview with Lil Bam below.



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