Lizzo New Video Showcases HBCU Marching Band

I was super excited that Lizzo dropped a new video for her song “Good As Hell” that features the Southern University Human Jukebox and the fabulous Dancing Dolls.  “Good As Hell” was officially released with the Coconut Oil project in 2016, but this new visual is super thrilling mainly because I love marching band season and Lizzo.  Seeing Lizzo in a Southern University Marching Band uniform and a Dancing Doll uniform gave me LIFE!


The updated “Good As Hell” video starts with a professor telling a young lady that “this is Chemistry class, not music class baby.”  I felt that because that was me while I was in the marching band at Bethune Cookman College (now University), my mind was always on my music.  Also, the video that was released on December 9, 2019, also gives a platform for highlighting issues that young ladies deal with like body image, man troubles, and having issues at school.  In the video, along with energy from Lizzo, you will find other young ladies helping boost up their friends going through these issues.

Check out the video here >

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