Giving back to the community is a key part in caring for the next generation. This fraternity went the extra mile to show local students that they matter.

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Do you remember celebrating your birthday back in school? It was always a big deal when the teacher allowed the class to eat cupcakes just to celebrate that one special student's day.

The Delta Phi Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha did the most heartwarming thing with Oakdale Elementary students. They went to the school and celebrated the birthdays of students by giving out cupcakes!

For any student, but especially and elementary student, this is a huge deal. These men are elite business owners, executives, high ranking employees who took time out of their day to come and celebrate these kids. How amazing!

When speaking with Kenneth Webb, the chapter's Adopt-a-school liaison, he spoke about the reason amotivation behind their recent visit to Oakdale Elementary.

"We celebrate the birthdays of students each month. The students were super excited to receive cupcakes and that's why we do it. to put a smile on their faces"

During their most recent visit, they served close to 130 students from grades K-5. This is how the fraternity participates in the local Adopt-A-School program. The Delta Phi Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha serves Oakdale Elementary School with that program.

I love seeing members in the community give back and really inspire the younger generation. the reason behind these actions are really important.

Webb said, "We do it because we want to celebrate students and encourage the to work hard in school and behave."

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