The much anticipated "Bama Rush" documentary has officially been released on MAX, an HBO streaming platform.
Stephen Dethrage | Tuscaloosa Thread
Stephen Dethrage | Tuscaloosa Thread
Since the trailer was released on May 4th, the documentary has been receiving quite a bit of attention.

#Bama Rush first gained attention  in 2021 when it received over half a billion views on social media platforms such as TikTok this past year in 2022 rush videos were viewed a whopping 2.6 Billion times, according to CNN. 

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On May 23 the  "Bama Rush" documentary was released and social media had a lot of mixed emotions about the release.
Some praised the director in their tweet while also calling her out for being self-centered.
Reviews after the documentary release weren't all negative. The documentary even had an Ole Miss fan excited to see how #BamaRush was shown in the documentary.
Although it received many different reaction this documentary reveals some things that folks who aren't in the circle of University of Alabama circle may have or may have not known such as things mentioned in the documentary from "The 5 B's" to "The Machine" to how Bama didn't accept races who weren't non-whites members until 2013.
The bama rush documentary has definitely shined a light on a the university of Alabama that's going to have an effect for years to come.
Rush is already a huge deal but I have a feeling that the next few years of rush at the University of Alabama will be some to remember.

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