This is a seriously messed up world.

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We survived Halloween without any dangerous fentanyl showing up, but now this.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and RadarOnline, a young teen girl was allegedly kidnapped in Alabama and then taken across state lines.

According to WDHN, the young girl reportedly met someone named Colby Jordan in Houston County, Alabama. Houston County, of course, is the county with it's biggest city being Dothan, Alabama.

The victim, according to the Jackson County authorities, was picked up by Jordan and later two women joined them.

These individuals then took the teenage female to an abandoned building around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, according to WDHN.

What was the plan for this girl? Why are you taking her to a building that is completely empty in the middle of the night?

This is extremely disturbing.

After taking the girl to this abandoned facility, the male assaulted the teen girl and tied her hands and feet with duct tape, reports WDHN.

At some point, the girl ended up under a tree in Jackson County, Florida and she then escaped, according to WDHN.

One of the females was arrested, Molly Jarrett, and charged with first degree principal to robbery, first degree principal to false imprisonment plus other charges.

The photos of the accused shows one of the suspects dressed as a vampire in a purple cape and bright purple hair and cowboy boots.

*Photo from Jackson County Sheriff's Office

This is all extremely weird. What was the true intent before things went sideways.

We must protect our kids in Alabama and make sure they are alert to individuals like this couple.

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