In 2022, things like this let me know just how far we still have to go.

On one hand, I love the pettiness of the guy who pulled this off but on the other hand, HOW could a company feel like this was ok?

This is top-tier trolling and I'll be the first to say that the company should have reconsidered this party idea.

A Reddit post by Bisfitty featured a series of pictures of a man dressed as a slave while at his company's Halloween costume party.

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The thing is, I don't think he was wrong to wear the costume. I think he was making a point.

According to his post, the "period appropriate" Halloween party was hosted at an old Alabama plantation.

I can only imagine the faces of most of the people who saw his costume when they walked into the party.

bisfitty Via Imgur
bisfitty Via Imgur

He seemed to really be driving his point home with the whole photo shoot at the Alabama plantation.

bisfitty Via Imgur
bisfitty Via Imgur

At a plantation, we all know there was only one option for black people, and it wasn't pleasant.

WHY would a company approve that party theme or even want to celebrate that time?

Bisfitty provided an update on the situation on Reddit saying the party was canceled.

"In the end, the boss cancelled the party, and the CEO, who was supposed to be at the party, never showed up. The reason they gave for cancelling the party was "inclement weather," and, while it DID rain, and the party WAS supposed to be outside, the location had more than enough space inside for there to be some sort of contingency plan. It's also a bit odd that the CEO cancelled, as far as I know, he isn't allergic to rain."

anxious scared girl looking at phone seeing bad news

The person who came up with the party idea has been fired according to Bisfitty's updates on Reddit.

After the party, the man who dressed as a slave was also promoted, and received a "disproportionate raise" and was assured that it had nothing to do with the recent events.

When asked where the idea came from to dress as a slave for the party, Bisfitty said:

"I am the only black employee, and I am often forgotten about. The moment I saw the theme of the party, I realized I had once again been overlooked... I'm thinking this may be the last time that happens, lol"

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