As my first basketball season in T-Town comes to a close,  I want to experience the fun first hand, up close and personal with you and your high school!

The students at Northridge have been blowing up our Instagram page requesting us to come turn up their basketball games with almost 200 comments! Tonight I'm going to DJ their game and make it extra lit with 105.1 The Block! I can't wait to turn up with the students!




What high school has the craziest, loudest, loyal fans at their high school games? Is it Hillcrest? Bryant? Tuscaloosa County? Sipsey Valley? Let me know and I'll come to your school's games and turn up in the stands with you.

To get me at your school, just click HERE and comment your school's name and get all your friends and school supporters to do the same. The school with the most comments might see me, The Big Dawg DreDay, at your school's basketball game!

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