Men Of Omega Psi Phi Gives Away New Suits To Alabama ResidentsEaster

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and looking good is a major part of this holiday. Thankfully, many community members won't have to worry about buying new clothes.

This weekend, the Alpha Tua chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc teamed up with UPS to give away food, and new suits to the community. This is what serving your community looks like.

At first, I didn't believe it. They told me before I showed up they had brand new suits to give away and sure enough, they did! I'm talking great quality suits, dress shirts, and pants by top designers like Calvin Klein. Not only did they give away clothes, but cars could also pull up and they loaded up each vehicle with bags and boxes of food. It was amazing to see.

Tuscaloosa Suit Giveaway


The giveaway was made possible by The Bridge Builder Friendship Foundation with Omega Psi Phi. UPS's African American Business Resource Group also did their part to make this event happen.

It's really a blessing that organizations cares enough about our community to do events like these. IF you know about an even happening for the community that people need to know about, feel free to let us know! Send us a message on our free app.

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