UPS Teams Up With West Alabama Org to Give Away New Suits & More

Easter weekend is right around the corner and there are so many people in West Alabama that can't afford to buy a new suit. Luckily, there are community organizations that don't mind helping those in need.

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The Bridge Builder Friendship Foundation has teamed up with UPS's African American Business Resource Group for a food and clothing drive in Tuscaloosa.

Saturday, March 13th at 3100 15th street, both organizations will host an event for the community giving away new suits, trousers, and non-perishable food items. Talk about a blessing ahead of the Easter holiday, this is huge! The giveaway will begin at 11 am.

The Bridge Builder Friendship Foundation is a program by the Alpha Tau chapter of Omega Psi Phi that provides sound, positive leadership, and programs using collaborative alliances to foster communal growth. Over the years, the BBFF has supported over 3,000 families across the West Alabama region.

The African American Business Resource Group was created by UPS as a way for employees to connect. The Birmingham-Huntsville chapter of UPS AABRG is excited to partner with the BBFF on this community event. It isn't the first time the UPS AABRG has done events for the community. They've done multiple events in Alabama including donating laptops to community members.

I think it's so dope how these organizations are coming together to do something big for the community. Not just giving away food, but new suits?! I love it!

The BBFF shared their excitement with me about the partnership, saying how appreciative they are for UPS to be engaged with the Tuscaloosa community.

 If you would like to donate volunteer or for more information, please contact Sharonda Washington at 205-504-0118 or

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