So there’s a potential Christmas gift that I secretly want really bad. I’m thinking you could get this gift for most people in West Alabama and they’d be happy too.

It’s a meme circulating on social media that hit home with me. I have to admit; I was one of the people that were not fond of these at first but have since come around.

These days, more and more people are wearing what is said to be the most comfortable shoes available. They’re none other than Crocs!

The meme is completely disrespecting the whole culture of Croc wearers. It’s honestly how I felt years ago when I first saw these shoes. I said to others, and myself “I’ll NEVER wear those shoes.”

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Is there anyone in West Alabama who feels this way? I can’t imagine people really still not liking Crocs after all this time. There are even cool little pins that you can use to decorate them to add your own flair or style.

Crocs are known for their comfortable foam, lightweight feeling, odor-resistant material, and being versatile. You can wear these shoes at work in a professional setting, and even in a casual situation.

I know this may sound like an endorsement, or even like I already own a pair of these shoes. This is neither of the two; I just know most people in West Alabama would enjoy getting a pair of these for Christmas.

The best part is that they’re not that expensive. I’ve seen Crocs for sale anywhere from $40-$70. Hopefully, Santa is listening and will send us all a pair of Crocs for Christmas. If you don’t want yours, just send them my way! Lol!

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