I'm approaching a year since moving to Tuscaloosa and I can't complain. When I first arrived, I was constantly asked "You came here, from FLORIDA?!" My response was always "Why not?" Something I was excited about from the start was getting to enjoy some of the great food in T Town.

I began my Tuscaloosa food journey by eating some of the regular places. National staples that you can find anywhere like Burger King, Popeyes, and Publix. I'll never give up Publix wings! After a few months in town, I decided to venture out and expand my food experience. You can find those fast food places anywhere but what about the places that are special to Alabama, and exclusive to Tuscaloosa? I started by asking listeners for suggestions, and shortly after I had a large list of places. I couldn't wait to try these new places. Fast forward some months and I've created my own list of favorites so far. Check out my list of favorite Tuscaloosa food places so far.


My Favorite Tuscaloosa Food Places So Far


I've visited so many places but these are just my top 6 so far. I'm eager to visit more places in Tuscaloosa and potentially add them to the list. I'm also still accepting suggestions. I'd love to know your go-to food place here in town that has great food and great service. Send me your suggestions here at @BigDawgDreDay.

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