Being a father has been one of the most trying and rewarding things I've ever done in my life. It's been a challenge from the beginning with my wife still living in Florida pregnant and me being in Tuscaloosa. We managed to make it work, it included frequent turnaround trips to Florida, and countless Facetime called with my wife.

Since being born, it feels like my son is growing overnight! I look back at pictures and think to myself "This is a completely different baby!" I recently noticed my son giggling a lot more and remembered that he didn't always know how to giggle. He's cooing at everything and it's the cutest thing ever. My son is really growing up! I came up with a quick list of my top 6 milestones in my son's life so far.


My Son's Top 6 Milestones

It's amazing to think that I have a whole son. My wife and I sit on the couch and stare at each other all the time and say "Wow! We're really parents." Lol! Sometimes it's hard to believe. You'd think parents are experts in raising children. To think that we actually have a healthy baby boy, and are NOT experts is mind-blowing. I can't wait to see witness more of my son's milestones in the future. To anyone who may be a new parent or considering becoming a parent, I'll tell you a few things. First, research and prepare. Talk to current parents who you're close with and see what products they used, what issues they encountered from pregnancy through birth. It helps. Next, remember that every child is different and there's no manual on raising a child. What worked for a friend may not work for you the exact same way. so this ointment may fix your baby's dry skin but you may need to add another product for it to be effective. We've experienced it first hand. When all else fails, remember you got this!


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