I'm 5 months in with this parenting thing and man has it been fun. When I say fun, I mean tiring, stressful, rewarding, and entertaining lol. Things got off to an unusual start because he was born in Florida while I was living in Alabama. I was there for his birth but had to come back to Tuscaloosa after he was a week old.

After a few more visits to Orlando, he turned one month old and was able to move up to Alabama with me. The lessons have been endless. It's been amazing watching him grow and learn how to use his hands, learn to giggle, and now laugh. He loves to laugh and I love to hear it. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than hearing my son laugh! I've become a research king. I research everything, like "What age do babies learn to walk?.... How often should newborns poop?.....What does a baby rash look like?" I could go on for days! lol. He had his first trip to the beach and it was here in Alabama. He loved the beach and didn't want to leave. It was the longest I've ever been to the beach. I've gone from a diaper changing rookie to a certified pro! I can do it in my sleep. I've also discovered my son loves to DJ. Every time I'm in front of the turntables he's yelling at me to get on them!


I can't wait to see him continue to grow and show his personality some more. It's definitely already shining through. I'm sure they'll be plenty more late nights, early mornings, dirty diapers, and messy clothes to come. To see my son's journey from birth to now and more videos and pictures, be sure to follow my family's Instagram page by clicking here.


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