This may sound crazy, but ever since my son was 3 months old, he's been interested in being a DJ. I've always heard stories about people saying their kids loved something since they were babies but I honestly thought it was just the parent forcing their hobbies and favorite activities onto their kids. Have you ever watched a young girl participating in beauty pageants and later found out the kid hates it? After some digging, you found out that the parent used to be in pageants or always wanted to do them and this is their way of living that dream through the kids. I've always said that when I have kids, I will not be that parent. If my child has some of the same interests as me that's great, but I don't want to force my likes onto them. Well, here we are with a 4-month-old baby whole absolutely loves to watch me DJ.


Since being a baby, I'd make mixes or practice my DJ skills while holding my son and he would always stare at the equipment in amazement. If he was fussy, as soon as I put him in front of the turntables he'd become silent and focused. On Father's Day, I let my son briefly play on my turntables at an event at Kentuck park and he has some skills!


So last night, I'm in my DJ practicing and my son could not keep still! He wanted to DJ so bad! It was almost 11 at night and his excitement was through the roof. He didn't want to leave the room and go to bed. I think it's official, he's a 4-month-old DJ. I don't know if he's more excited or I am. now it's time to give him a DJ name and get him some baby equipment LOL! How old do you think he'll be before his first DJ gig??


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