My Unique Experience Watching Movies in Downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This summer will definitely be unlike the summer of 2020. People will actually be outside. For me, that means trying new things.

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One of my plans this year is to be out of the house a lot more than usual. After the kind of year we had in 2020, who wants to sit in the house on a weekend? Last weekend, I went downtown to Government plaza & I did something I normally don't do. I watched a children's movie. I am a new father so watching children's movies isn't too weird. The thing is, my son wasn't even with me!

I was downtown enjoying our new free movie series Free Movies Downtown at Sundown. It's a 6-week series every Saturday night showing family-friendly movies that's open to the public. Last week's movie was one I haven't seen before. It's hard to believe because it's a very popular movie franchise. It was Frozen 2.


Watching Frozen 2 on this huge screen was such a great experience.  The sound was incredible, the screen was clear and it was outside! It reminded me of a drive-in movie. The only thing is, there were no cars and families were all around enjoying the film too. Some were laying on their blankets eating food, others were lounging in their lawn chairs. I was one of the lawn chair people. Sitting and watching kids laugh and sing to one of their favorite movies made my heart smile. I can't wait for the next movie!

If you missed the first movie of the summer don't worry, we have plenty more movies prepared this summer. Check the movie schedule below and find out what movies you'd like to see. Be prepared to come out with your family, lawn chairs, coolers, blankets, or whatever you need to have a great time at the movies. Don't be surprised if you see a few movie characters at Government Plaza!

June 12- The Princess and the Frog

June 19- Hocus Pocus

June 26- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

July 3- Home Alone

July 10- Back to the Future

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