Alabama Crimson Tide legends Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith took the field at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile for the first day of Senior Bowl practice for the Miami Dolphin coached National team.

Smith did just as expected today. He skipped the measurement section to avoid the over analyzing of his size. In fact, after practice Dolphins head coach Brian Flores dismissed the idea that Smith's small stature would impede him at the next level.

Smith was seen chatting it up with his teammates on the sideline, particularly Harris, sporting a number 0 jersey.

Smith also spoke to NFL Network about the potential possibility of both he and Harris reuniting with Tua Tagovailoa in Miami.

"We talked about it, talked about it would be nice to run it back again." Smith said.

The Dolphins own the 3rd and 18th overall picks, both of which would be reasonable to use on Smith and Harris, respectively.

As for Harris, his day was a bit more full.

Harris started his Tuesday morning by wowing everyone at the weigh-ins. Though this was done virtually, folks on social media were certainly impressed with his measurables. Harris taped in at 6'1-7/8", 230lbs with an 81" wingspan and 10" hands.

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Harris went through individual drills quickly with the National team but didn't take on anything further.

Harris is battling an ankle injury sustained against Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl. He hasn't been completely ruled out from any further practices or the game itself. Nonetheless, Harris looked clean and comfortable in Mobile today.

Be sure to check in later when the American team finishes up with Mac Jones, Landon Dickerson, Alex Leatherwood, Deonte Brown and Thomas Fletcher taking the practice field.

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The 2021 Senior Bowl can be seen on NFL Network Saturday, January 30 at 1:30 p.m. CST. The event is sold out due to COVID-19 protocols and restrictions. Tide 100.9 will be on location throughout the week, providing practice, game and press conference coverage.

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