It seems like every other week there is a new building or business coming to West Alabama.

Road construction barrels
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

It's never a bad thing to add new business but it's always a bit odd when something is being built and no one has any word on what it is.

Have you ever been riding around West Alabama and seen a structure being put up and had no idea what it will be?

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A new shopping center?

New car lot or restaurant?

As I rode through Tuscaloosa earlier this week, I came across some men working to build a new structure on 15th street. It was right across from Homewood Bagel Company.

Google Maps
Google Maps

After wiping my tears because I can never pass by that area without remembering that great Hoo's Q location, I wondered what was being built right on Forest Lake.


You could see dirt being leveled, wood structures laid, and an obvious preparation for concrete to be poured.


After speaking with one of the men that were working at the location, I found my answer.

If you were expecting another Tuscaloosa restaurant to be put at that location, you're going to be disappointed.

The worker let me know that a home was being built on the property. He said it could be finished within a few weeks.


The home could be a three to four-bedroom home with a front and back porch and a garage.

If anything, the lucky residents of that new home will have an amazing view of Forest Lake and plenty of food options as they'll be right in the middle of plenty of restaurants on 15th street.


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