A Tuscaloosa favorite recently made an adjustment to their prices after making an announcement on social media. Some customers aren't too happy about it.

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First of all, let's just recognize the amazingness that is Taco Casa.

When I first moved to Alabama, that is the number one place people told me I HAD to try. It didn't disappoint!

Not only was I hooked for a few months, but my wife was hooked too. I had to grab her a beef combo burrito and a large sweet tea with extra ice almost every week.

To this day, I'm still trying to find out how they get their sweet tea to be that good.

Recently, the sweet tea masters posted to their Instagram page that they will be adjusting prices on non-cash orders to combat rising food and labor costs. The new price adjustment took effect on May 1st and included a 4% surcharge on card purchases.

People took to the comment section to voice their opinions on the recent news from Taco Casa.

"In today's world, this is illogical. Card fees are a cost of business," read one comment under Taco Casa's post.

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Another comment read, "If it's attributed to a fee from the credit card processing than that is a separate argument from rising food and labor costs."

Although there were negative comments, there were more comments in support of the restaurant than against it. One comment read, "I get it. Thanks for keeping cash prices the same." Another supporter said, "Ya'll do what you have to do as long as you're open!"

Taco Casa replied to one comment saying that they decided to implement this surcharge or card orders only instead of going up on all menu items across the board.

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