Nicki Minaj caught social media by surprise when she announced she's dropping new music  with PNB Rock, and Murda Beatz.


This news comes not even a full month after Nicki announced via Twitter that she will be retiring from music. She wrote "I've decided to retire & have my family." Although there were some fans that were skeptical, thinking it was just a publicity stunt for her next project, most fans took the tweet to heart and didn't want Nicki to stop doing music.




It seems that Nicki may have sent the tweet without thinking things through. Just days before the retirement tweet, she was setting studio dates with her team and other artists, and even spoke on Joe Budden's podcast saying she was working on her 5th album. After deleting the tweet, she apologized to fans saying it was "abrubt & insensitive" to her fans.


It's no denying that Nicki can still produce hit records, so we'll wait to see if this album announcement will follow soon.

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