Who doesn't LOVE chicken?

OK, I am sure that is not the same thing as this HOT, CONTROVERSIAL chicken fight in Northport. It's 2022.

We survived that dang pandemic, so who cares if you want to love on some chickens at your Northport pad?

Have you heard about the petition?

The name calling?

Don't get ahead of me.

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It's gotten very ugly for Kristy.

I will only use her first name because of the tempers flaring over feathers and eggs.

My co-worker "Wild Bill" from 95.3 The Bear knows her and enlightened many of us to her plight.

The petition from the Northwood Lake People on Facebook...or....Meat...sorry...META.I was a letter off.

Comments under the petition say things like "PLEASE DON'T TAKE AWAY THE CHICKENS" and "WE SUPPORT CHICKENS IN NORTHPORT!".

City codes in Northport at the moment, allow for chickens however, they must always be kept at least the length of a football field from other homes.

Some Northport families want the right to raise sustainable food sources and amend the code to 50 FEET.

Is that so unreasonable chicken haters?

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What did a chicken do to you that made you so bitter?

I guarantee you that after you have a farm fresh egg for breakfast, you will welcome chickens with open, loving arms!

I might run for mayor of Northport.

I love Mayor Herndon and I think he has done a great job. I have no clue how to run for mayor but I would  campaign on a chicken in every pot in Northport!

Or coop. That's better.

Do we really need the government telling Kristy (who by all accounts is a lovely woman)Crazy or the rest of us MORE things we CAN NOT do?

In the last 18 months the government has been WAY too involved in our lives. Chicken poop in the coop is awful to clean up, I hear, but who are we to take away your right to your coop?

Just get a big scoop for the poop and everything will be alright.

I'm really interested in how this fight over chickens will be resolved.

For now, Kristy and her family, are "playing chicken" (see what I did there?) with the folks attacking her poultry pen.


Anyone else hungry?


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