A new fast food joint is already down to just two employees--what's the deal?

I came across the post below on Facebook today, and I am going crazy trying to get the taco tea.


The Taco Bell by Publix on Mitt Larry Road is apparently down to a literal pair of employees. This restaurant JUST opened, so why isn't it fully staffed?

Could it be COVID issues? I know the Delta variant has been spreading rapidly here in West Alabama, so it makes sense for several employees to have to call out of work.

Or could it be something else?

Many restaurant and retail locations have had issues with staffing recently. Did the staff just walk out like employees did at Dollar General a few months ago?

If you know the tea, hit me up with our app chat, as I NEED to KNOW.

I will say that working the food industry, especially the fast food industry is HARD WORK. You've got to be able to excel in an extremely stressful environment and deal with some customers that are straight hateful.

And the pay? Whoooo boy. I remember working at McDonald's in high school for like $7.50 an hour (yes, I am old) and having people yell at me over things that weren't even my fault. I can distinctly remember some Karen calling me a stupid idiot because her Diet Coke didn't have enough ice in it.


Whatever the reason for the Taco Bell shortage is, please remember to BE KIND to all your restaurant workers, as they're out here doing the most for us on the daily.

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