Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson offered some legal advice to Antonio Brown after he was released from the Patriots earlier this week. It does feel a little weird to hear legal advice from O.J. Simpson doesn't it?

Antonio Brown has made sports headlines since his arrival in Oakland with the Raiders to helmet drama, threats to the teams General Manager, and more! After the Raiders voided his $30 million contract he demanded to be released by the team before the NFL season began.

The New England Patriots picked up Brown and offered him a $10 million contract and all seemed to be well. Amid sexual assault allegations, the team decided to part ways with Antonio Brown and no he seems to be done with the NFL & back in college according to his social media accounts.



It's quite a fall from grace but we wish Antonio Brown going from a $30 million contract with a non contender to $10 million with a super bowl championship team, to $158,333 total paid out. Whatever is next for Brown, we wish him good luck!

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