Petition Started To Cancel In-Person Classes & Mandate COVID Testing

Thousands of people flooded the Tuscaloosa Strip to celebrate Alabama's National Title win. There is now a petition started to cancel in-person classes and more.

Alabama won its 18th National Title after defeating the Ohio State Buckeyes Monday night. After the big win, thousands of and flooded the Tuscaloosa strip to celebrate. One video showing fans in the street has been seen over 6 million times!


Last night's scene has caused a lot of people to grow concerned about students at the University of Alabama and the start of the new semester. A petition has been started to cancel in-person classes, and have every student tested for COVID-19 again. According to the petition, in-person classes are set to begin Wednesday, Jan 13th, 2021. As of 4:44 Jan 12th, 2021, the petition has almost 400 signatures.

The petition seems to be a response to the thousands of "UA students and Bama supporters" seen in the streets after the game. The petition states, "People in the crowd were not seen wearing masks or social distancing, dramatically increasing the risk and spread of COVID in Tuscaloosa."

One comment under the petition appears to be from a UA student in favor of canceling in-person classes for at least two weeks.

"Because of the senseless actions of the Strip crowd, we must move to online only for at least two weeks! The kids that did not participate in the crowds should not be subjected in the classroom to those that did!"- Laurie S.


According to the petition, the results will be emailed to President Bell and his administrative staff.

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