Could this be true?! It's looking like Dollar General is now selling gas for cars.


We all know that Dolar General stores are everywhere in the South. It feels like you can't drive 3 miles in the south without running into at least two Dollar General stores.


While scrolling social media late one night I came across a post that literally made me gasp.

Dollar General is now selling gasoline?!


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Can you imagine stopping by Dollar General in Alabama, walking into the store and getting some groceries, and other needed items, and then telling the cashier you'd like to get "$25 on pump 8."

From looking at this now viral photo, it may be a possibility soon in Alabama.


What are the pros and cons of Dollar General having gasoline for sale?

I think it'll definitely be convenient. Especially with all of the Dollar General locations in the state, we'd never run out of gas.

On the other hand, many locations with gasoline could backfire and cause a shortage of gasoline in the area. After all, it does feel like certain industries still haven't bounced back from COVID.

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Another downside to Dollar General selling gasoline according to this Facebook post would be the quality of the gasoline.

The post featured the caption " Got gas from this dollar general now my steering wheel won’t turn 😐."

The post now has over 56,000 shares on Facebook, 11,000 comments and close to 200,000 reactions. Most people are shocked that this even exists.

The real question is, does it truly exist or is this an AI photo?

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