Hands down the scariest thing is Alabama is the amount of Dollar General stores we have in the state.

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It seems like at almost every corner I'm finding a new Dollar General Store. According to Forbes, we could see plenty more Dollar General Stores in Alabama in the coming months.

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According to Forbes, Dollar General has become the biggest US retailer by number of outlets.

It seems like every day a new Dollar General Store is thrown up and operating at full capacity within a matter of months.

Real estate experts say the areas that these dollar general stores are being built in couldn't support any other kind of retailer which could be why they remain successful.

Forbes stated that Dollar General's 18,000 plus locations are more than McDonald's. Starbucks, or CVS, putting it within five miles of 75% of the population.

Prepare to see more stores from Dollar General. According to Forbes, it will open up another 1,100 stores and plans to nearly double its store count.

Here's my thing. Can we focus on running the current Dollar General Stores at optimum efficiency?

I have nothing against Dollar General. I actually shop there on and off. But I just know that the more you have doesn't mean that everything is running efficiently.

For instance, if I have a whole toolbox full of the latest tools, but I'm not taking care of them because I have too many to worry about. I know that they'll break or become damaged a lot more easily and faster than if I only had six tools that I cleaned every week and made sure I took care of them and prevented them from additional damage

What do you think? Are you looking forward to more Dollar General Stores in Alabama? Let me know at DreDay@Townsquaremedia.com

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